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Bottom line: Doc explains mysteriously massive buttocks

Miami Gardens Police via NBC Miami

Oneal Ron Morris, shown after her arrest, is accused of injecting a victim's buttocks with a mixture of cement, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil and Superglue.

News that Oneal Ron Morris was arrested for injecting a woman’s buttocks with a combination of cement, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil and Superglue stunned readers. But even more shocking are the photographs of the alleged perpetrator that reveal the incredible size of her rear end. Her curves would make Jessica Rabbit blush! While the vast majority of the population inquiring about buttock enhancement would refuse treatment by an fake physician, photos reveal that Morris likely acted as a walking advertisement for her illegal practice.

So just how did Morris’s behind become so massive? I truly doubt that she partook in her own dangerous cocktail of injections. While these substances may work for repaving a road or patching a tire, they are dangerous when injected into living tissue. She would have likely found herself in the hospital (like her alleged victim) with large, festering wounds. In addition, the two traditional techniques of buttock augmentation -- solid silicone implants and fat injections -- are unlikely to have dramatic enough results to create proportions such as hers.

As a cosmetic surgeon making an educated guess, I suspect Morris, a 30-year-old transgender woman, maximally enhanced her buttocks using polypropylene string implants obtained overseas or through the black market.

Polypropylene string implants were used to enhance breasts back in the late 1990s prior to being banned by the FDA in 2001.  These implants consist of yarn-like string that gradually absorbs water and expands in size when surgically implanted into the body.  If these string implants are in place long enough, they can result in a massive, cartoonish enlargement, as can be seen in the breasts of a handful of adult entertainers.

While I’ve never heard of polypropylene being implanted into the buttocks, it’s very possible Morris underwent this procedure. The best treatment for polypropylene string implants is surgical removal.

If Morris does have polypropylene string implants and does not have them removed, she can expect her buttocks to continue to grow until they eventually drag on the ground.

Dr. Anthony Youn is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in the Detroit area who has been featured on "Dr. 90210" and runs a popular celebrity cosmetic surgery blog. He is the author of the new, irreverent memoir "In Stitches."


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